Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beers, Movies, and Stuff my Mom Says

"Sometimes I just think funny things."

I think to myself, and then giggle.

And then realize it's something that my mom has been saying for years.

Because she first heard it in Arthur years ago.

Does one ever have a truly original thought, or is it all "Going off what Susan said..." and "I totally agree, and I'd like to add!"

And that's why, on a random Wednesday of all nights, I decided that a blog was the way to go.

Although I'm not sure that even that explanation entirely suffices.

Perhaps it was the fact that I applied for EIGHT jobs today, had a response from one (yay!) and then nothing....

Perhaps I want to prove that,  Doggone it, People like me!

Perhaps it's that I've had 3 9% beers alone in the last 3 hours and want something to show for my evening watching Parenthood and tweeting at Lauren Graham....

That's the most likely, honestly.

I don't have fancy pictures, sketches, recipes (although sometimes I do concoct rather fabulous creations); I really only have me. Lord knows if I'll keep it up.

But Lorde knows I'll get more honest. And when I'm honest, you get the fun stories. did I get to "I am 17 going on 18?" I mean, "I'll take care of you," but geez Louise! I'm really going rather quickly with a brand new audience, don't you think?

In any case, a new post (when I'm not toasty on three Dirty Bastards from Bell's Brewery) ought to elicit something more interesting, albeit less honest.

Bear with me. I hope you will find my style intriguing and untrained, yet trainable.